Ford’s Seat Comfort Tested by ‘Robutt’

Ford's Seat Comfort

There are a lot of things that go into creating the perfect car, from engine performance to interior materials. What many people never think about, however, is seat comfort. Creating a comfortable seat isn’t as easy as it sounds, but one manufacturer is looking to change that. As it turns out, Ford’s seat comfort is no laughing matter and to prove it, the American automaker recently added a new robot to its arsenal.

Well, maybe there is a little laughter, as the seat-testing robot has been dubbed ‘Robutt.’ Robutt plays a crucial role in developing a seat that’s both comfortable and durable.

German automation firm Kuka created the robot to determine how comfortable a seat would be years down the road, as while the average driver will sit down in the driver’s seat around 25,000 times in a decade, Robutt can match that in just three weeks.

In doing so, Robutt effectively tests the seat’s structure and material after the equivalent of 10 years of use. It isn’t the only robot helping out—another piece of hardware measures the seat’s softness and deflection, two factors that help engineers improve the design, although it doesn’t come with an entertaining name.

We here at Friendly Ford are happy to see Ford continuing to improve the quality of its vehicles by any means necessary, including bionic butts!