New On-the-Go H2O System Developed by Two Intelligent Kids

Ford's new On-the-Go H20 System is useful and environmentally friendly

Ford recently worked with two smart kids to develop one of their ideas in order to make it a reality. Siblings Daniel and Lara Krohn discovered on a road trip that water that is typically wiped from the windshield can actually be used to clean the windshield in lieu of washer fluid. This could just save billions of liters of water over the course of years.

From the Science Fair to the Factory

According to Ford, the Krohn’s idea was developed into a full-size test car after the siblings presented at a local science competition. Daniel, who is 11, and Lara, who is 9, came up with the idea to recycle rain water on a road trip with their father, Gerd. The two used a pump from a toy fire engine and an aquarium filter system to test the idea, which was later developed by Ford engineers.

“Daniel and Lara’s idea has been staring drivers in the face for decades – and it has taken one moment of ingenuity to bring it to life. In less than five minutes of rainfall the washer reservoir is completely full,” said Theo Geuecke, supervisor, Body Exterior Hardware, Ford of Europe.

On-the-Go H2O

The On-the-Go H2O system, as dubbed by Ford, was reworked into a full-sized version on a Ford S-MAX test car. It captures water via rain and condensation, filtering it for washer fluid. However, engineers were also able to collect and purify the water to such as degree that it was drinkable. Basically, you can now get a fresh drink of water from the moisture in the air.

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