Ford Ranger Returning to Lineup?

ford logoIt wasn’t long ago that most heavy hitting automakers cut smaller pickups and truck-based SUVs from their lineups. Times have changed and with General Motors bringing back the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado, it may be time for another midsize pickup to return. Word on the street is that Ford is considering reviving the Ranger.

General Motors and Jeep have been rolling in sales as a result of lower gas and oil prices. Truck sales have been soaring. The full-size F-150 pickup is a bestseller but that still leaves Ford losing out in the midsize truck market.

Ford has discussed bringing a midsize pickup and SUV to the lines at the Michigan Assembly Plant in Detroit. The plant had been transformed during the recession to produce small cars and hybrids. Previously, the plant built Expeditions, F-150s, Lincoln Navigators, and Broncos.

With Ford moving the Focus and C-Max out of the country, that leaves plenty of open floor space. Rumor has it the pickup and SUV could be in production as soon as 2018, although there’s no confirmation on the plan.

While the common belief is that the Ford Ranger returning would hurt F-series sales, that idea seems unlikely. The average transaction price of an F-series truck now reaches over $40,000. That’s quite a bit of wiggle room for the smaller Ranger.

We here at Friendly Ford are ecstatic to see what will come out of the Michigan Assembly Plant!

Lincoln Vehicles to Excel Following Large Ford Investment in Luxury Segment

Ford plans to put $5 billion or more into Lincoln vehicles and their designs. Within five years, a Ford investment in luxury segment Lincoln vehicles will replace or revitalize every single one to guarantee improvement and future success. The Lincoln overhaul is necessary to give the brand some traction in the luxury segment and the ability to compete with rivals fairly.

USA Today said, “The investment will include developing a big, new vehicle platform unique to Lincoln, meant to give the brand a chance to challenge the top BMW and Mercedes-Benz models.” Having a luxury lineup that is new and exciting will no doubt make the company more profitable, but it cannot be achieved without a large sum of money or a huge time investment. Luckily, Ford is willing to put in both to make a respectable luxury brand.

Lincoln will use the new D6 design, which will be the base for a new line of vehicles in 2019. The D6 will give Lincoln a distinctive look from Ford, making it sophisticated like other luxury brands on the market. Before the D6 launches, the brand will first give its current models updates.

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