Ford Hurricane Relief Totals $3.5M, Including Donations, Packages for Ford Owners

Ford is making massive donations to Hurricane Harvey Relief and to individuals affected by the storm. The brand’s hurricane relief donations total $3.5 million, with various donations going to the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Team Rubicon, and many more organizations that are assisting with hurricane relief.

Ford has also started the “Texas Is Family” assistance package for Ford owners whose vehicles were damaged or lost during the flooding. The package will give buyers the same deals offered to Ford employees, with payments deferred until 2018. The bundle will also include Low Ford Credit interest rates or lease rates.

Ford hurricane reliefExisting Ford customers whose vehicles weren’t lost or destroyed can also apply to have their monthly payments deferred for up to two months by contacting Ford Credit or Lincoln Automotive Financial Services. Additionally, first responders are eligible for a $1,000 discount toward the purchase of any Ford or Lincoln vehicle.

At Friendly Ford, we’re proud to be part of a company that does so much to help its customers and employees, the brave first responders who put themselves in danger to help others, and every American affected by these storms. You can find more information on Ford’s hurricane relief donations here.