How to Clean Your Vehicle Without Washing It

Tips on how to clean your vehicle without washing it.

When it’s cold outside, or you just don’t have the time to run through a car wash, your car can quickly develop the need for a makeover. If you’re looking for a quick way to keep your car clean before your next appointment or obligation, ditch the time-consuming or inconvenient car wash for these quick tips.

Use a Spray Detailer

If your vehicle’s horizontal surfaces – like the hood of the car, for example – have marks on it from bird droppings or dried precipitation, you can easily use a spray detailer and a microfiber towel to clean these spots in sections.

Throw Away Your Trash

It’s easy to get lazy and leave papers, junk mail, food trash, and even clothes in your car. Take a bit of time one day to collect all the garbage and throw it out. If there’s anything you want to keep, bring it inside so it doesn’t get tossed with the trash.

Keep the Glass Clean

You’d be surprised what a different a clear, clean windshield makes. Thankfully, this is fairly easy, as long as you have access to a squegee. Once you clean your windows once, it’s a good idea to keep glass cleaner and a roll of paper towels in your vehicle for touch-ups.

You may not have time to clean your vehicle fully, but if you just need to touch up your ride before you go, then these tips can help you make your car look good until your next wash. For more auto maintenance tips, talk to us at Friendly Ford.