History of the Chicago Auto Show

Chicago Auto Show

One of America’s most popular automotive events, the Chicago Auto Show was held for the first time in 1901. It debuted in March at the third Chicago Coliseum. The first show included electric, steam, and gasoline-powered vehicles. It also offered an indoor track where visitors could test drive the vehicles.

The show continued each year after that, and by 1935 it had grown significantly and was moved to the International Amphitheatre. This year was also special, because in 1935 there were two Chicago Auto Shows. There was the usual one in January for 1935 models, and then a second one in November to debut 1936 models. This was the first time that the model year was debuted before the calendar year.

Because of World War II and its effects, the Chicago Auto Show took a hiatus between 1941 and 1949. In the second half of the 20th century, the show moved back to McCormick Place, then back to International Amphitheatre, then back to McCormick Place where it is held today.

Today, the Chicago Auto Show is the largest auto show in all of North America, taking up more than 1 million square feet. With new vehicles and concept vehicles debuting every year, it’s an exciting place to learn about what’s new in the automotive industry.

The Liquid Silver 2017 Ford GT is a Looker

The Liquid Silver 2017 Ford GT is every bit as good as it looks! The new hue debuted at the Chicago Auto Show recently and garnered even more attention after taking the North American International Auto Show by storm only a few weeks earlier.

2015 Ford GT Concept

Ford GT Concept at CAS

The meltified supercar donned racing stripes and was officially confirmed for production in Markham, Ontario. Taking one look at this race-ready beauty and you’ll fall in love just as we at Friendly Ford did.

The 2017 Ford GT will host a 3.5-liter twin turbo V6 boasting more than 600 horsepower that will catch every ear and eye imaginable. Aluminum subframes and a carbon fiber monocoque outfit the GT, along with a seven-speed, dual-clutch gearbox.

Rumors are the Ford GT’s first task will be hitting up Le Mans, and it might possibly be the favorite to win it all. We’re interested to see what color the supercar will don when it does enter its first race. The Liquid Silver edition sure has our vote!

Tell us what you think about the all new 2017 Ford GT in the comments.

Ford at the Chicago Auto Show!

The Chicago Auto Show is still going on through February 17th and at Friendly Ford, we wanted to be one of the first to bring you photos from the show!

The Chicago Auto Show started in 1901 and is the largest auto show in North America. 2014 marks the 106th Chicago Auto Show making it held more times than any other auto expo worldwide. The auto show includes both domestic and foreign cars, trucks, SUVs and concepts. During the 2014 show, over 1,000 vehicles will be on display. You can check out the event schedule for a full list of events and special appearances.

The Show takes place at the McCormick Place Complex which is located at 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive in downtown Chicago. Admission is $12 for adults, $6 for children, and $6 for seniors.

Below are some pictures of our favorite Ford cars seen at the show.

Will you be heading to the Chicago Auto Show this week or weekend? Let us know which cars were your favorite in the comment section below! Be sure to stop by Friendly Ford to test drive some of the cars seen at the show!

Windy City Gearing Up for Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show is right around the corner. In less than two weeks the Windy City will be the focus of many car enthusiasts. During the auto-show season, Chicago has always been considered to be one of the most fan-friendly of all the locations. In addition to giving visitors an up-close look at many of the new vehicles that made a big splash at the Detroit Auto Show, there will also be some new models being revealed in Chicago.

This Chicago Auto Show tradition will be carried on for the 105th time dating back to 1901. The auto show will be open to the public from February 9-18 and media and charity previews will take place the 7-8 at McCormick Pace, 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive. This auto show is considered to be the largest in terms of room and floor space.

The vehicle that stole the show at the North American International Auto Show will be there. This is your chance to see the much hyped Ford Atlas Concept!

Friendly Ford is excited to once again have the Auto Show taking place right in our back yard!