2018 Car Show and Customer Appreciation Event Boasts Classic Cars, Raises Money for Charity

2018 Car Show and Customer Appreciation Event

From the Outside Looking In: Classic Cars and A Whole Lot of Fun!

On August 11, we had a fun day in the sun, centered on the things we love most here at Friendly Ford: cars and people. Our annual Car Show & Customer Appreciation Day started at 9 AM and finished up at 3 PM.

Around 700 people made it out to the car show that boasted 150 individual cars from old to new. These included Model A’s, Model T’s, modern-day vehicles and even some motorcycles.

Besides excellent cars, we also had a grill-out. For the whole event, we grilled 700 hot dogs. All food and beverages were free to our attendees. In return, we asked for donations toward Phil’s Friends in Roselle from people who were able and willing to make donations.

Phil’s Friends is a faith-based nonprofit organization, founded by two-time cancer survivor Phil Zielke, “committed to bringing support and hope to those affected by cancer in the United States.”

The Car Show and Customer Appreciation event came and went like a Ford Mustang going from 0-to-60 mph, and we are already looking forward to next year’s event.

Besides all who attended and the ones who provided the classic cars for the show, we’d like to thank Chris Bryan and his from State Farm, Phil’s Friends, and the Roselle Police Department.

Keeping Your Car Cool In Summer

Keeping Your Car Cool

There’s a certain dread that comes with getting back into your car on a hot day. The muggy, thick air and the blazing hot steering wheel are enough to make even the shortest commute home unpleasant. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to keep your car cool in the summertime.

Avoid Sun

When possible, parking in the direct path of sunlight, and especially if you plan on being parked for a long period of time. Search for shade, be it beneath a tree, in the shade of a tall building, or in a garage or underground parking facility. This will go a long way toward keeping your vehicle cool on hot days.

Keep Windows Cracked

Keeping your windows cracked just a bit can improve air circulation in your car, therefore keeping your car cooler. When you do crack your window, however, make sure that it’s just enough that nobody could potentially reach into your car and unlock the door.

Cover Leather

If you’ve ever had a car with leather seats, then you know how hot they can get during the summer. To keep your skin from getting burned when you sit back down, purchase seat covers for the summer or put blankets down while your car is parked.

Use Sunshades

Putting reflective sunshades in your vehicle’s windshield will help keep intense sunlight away. This will prevent you from having to deal with hot seats and steering wheels, making your trip home all the more comfortable.

Keeping your car cool is one thing, but what if you need a cool car? Look no further than Friendly Ford, where we’ve got the latest and coolest vehicles that Ford has to offer.