Windy City Gearing Up for Auto Show

The Chicago Auto Show is right around the corner. In less than two weeks the Windy City will be the focus of many car enthusiasts. During the auto-show season, Chicago has always been considered to be one of the most fan-friendly of all the locations. In addition to giving visitors an up-close look at many of the new vehicles that made a big splash at the Detroit Auto Show, there will also be some new models being revealed in Chicago.

This Chicago Auto Show tradition will be carried on for the 105th time dating back to 1901. The auto show will be open to the public from February 9-18 and media and charity previews will take place the 7-8 at McCormick Pace, 2301 S. Lake Shore Drive. This auto show is considered to be the largest in terms of room and floor space.

The vehicle that stole the show at the North American International Auto Show will be there. This is your chance to see the much hyped Ford Atlas Concept!

Friendly Ford is excited to once again have the Auto Show taking place right in our back yard!

Fusion Energi Hybrid Can Reach 620 Miles Straight

The brand new Ford Fusion Energi Hybrid sedan is the latest of the plug-in hybrid that Ford has released. It’s said this puppy can go 620 miles before having to fuel up or charge the battery when the gas is fully loaded and the battery is completely charged up.  It also gives owners the ability to drive up to 21 miles on just electricity alone which is triple that of its main competition.

With this unbelievable fuel range, the Fusion Energi can actually travel all the way from Virgina Beach up to Boston on a single tank of gas and a fully charged battery.  The vehicles already has EPA-rated fuel economy numbers of 108 MPGe city, 92 MPGe highway and 100 MPGe combined with is 5 MPG-e better than the competition. It’s also estimated that over a 5 year span customers could save around $6,850 in fuel costs.

“Fusion Energi rounds out Ford’s list of available electrified vehicles perfectly by delivering another option to those who want to drive a hybrid without sacrificing comfort and convenience,” said Raj Nair, group vice president, Global Product Development. “In fact, Fusion Energi’s ability to drive up to 620 miles without stopping for gas or to charge a battery almost epitomizes convenience.”

Ford’s other vehicles also offer such impressive fuel efficiency that Ford is actually now the number 1 brand in customer satisfaction based on the fuel efficiency.  This really took off for Ford in the 4rth quarter of 2012 when they sold in any 3 month period in the company’s history. In total 19,554 units were sold in the 4rth quarter. The Fusion Energi is Ford’s fifth electrified vehicle to launch over the past year.

Walking with Henry: Ford at the North American International Auto Show

Ford had quite an impressive display at the North American International Auto Show this year. It was jam packed with over 65 vehicles, as Ford was celebrating the 150th birthday of the legendary Henry Ford. To celebrate, Ford wanted to reveal its entire stellar lineup—everything from the F-Series trucks to the muscle car icon, the Mustang. In fact, it was essentially like stepping into the showroom here at Friendly Ford with every single new Ford innovation on display.

And who better to talk about Ford innovation than the original innovator—Henry Ford! The real Henry Ford wasn’t available, as you can imagine, so instead several actors who very closely resemble the automaker put on their Ford costumes and led tours around the showroom, taking fans around to meet the all-new vehicles and see just what Ford has been up to. During the tour, the actors provided a historical background for Henry, all while introducing the 2014 lineup.

We at Friendly Ford can’t wait to get all those new vehicles in. Now if only we could somehow get a Henry Ford lookalike to come show them off for us…

A New App for Ford at a “Glympse”

“Let me know when you’re there!” said every mother of the 21st century. Alerting people of your location is very common, whether it’s a worried mother or a clingy girlfriend or even everyone you’re friends with on Facebook. Whatever reason you have for sharing your location, Ford has just made it easier with a new app, which was announced just yesterday. Friendly Ford has the inside scoop.

The app is called Glympse, a company with which Ford is ecstatic to partner. Drivers can access the app via Ford’s Sync voice command. By using this app, drivers can alert someone via text, e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter where they are and where they are going—without hands! What’s even cooler about the Glympse app is that the person on the receiving end can use their phone or computer to track where the driver is at all times until they’ve reached their destination. So now those pesky moms can rest assured you’ve arrived at the mall safely.

In addition, Ford announced yesterday that Rhapsody, an on-demand music service, will now be available through Sync. To check out Sync and all the latest features, head down to Friendly Ford today!