Safety Tips for Shoveling Snow

Winter is officially here. It did not take long to make its presence known either as much of the Midwest and the East coast has already been hammered. This is probably a sign of things to come the next couple months as well. After a big snow storm hits, playing in the snow can be a lot of fun. Shoveling snow on the other hand, is not much fun. In fact, it can be pretty dangerous.

Shoveling driveways and sidewalks can actually make for a pretty good workout. However, snow shoveling has also been linked to an increasing number of heart attacks.

According to researchers, this could be caused by the quick increase in heart rate and blood pressure caused by the strenuous exercise of shoveling. Combine that with frigid temperatures and it can make breathing a lot more difficult.

Here are some tips to keep in mind to avoid injuries and heart problems:


  • Make sure to bundle up and dress warmly. Multiple layers is recommended.
  • Do a couple warm up exercises to get your body loose. It’s never fun pulling a muscle.
  • Shovel in short intervals. It’s also good to take 10 minute breaks in between
  • When lifting snow bend from your knees and not from your back
  • It’s much less strenuous to push the snow whenever possible instead of lifting and carrying it
  • Try not to shovel snow after a big meal, or after consuming caffeine and nicotine. This can cause an increase in blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Drink a lot of water and keep yourself hydrated. It’s always good to replenish your fluids during any physical exercise.

Friendly Ford hopes everyone enjoys their winter and is able to stay safe this season!

Ford Launches Operation Brighter Future

The Ford Motor Company has initiated a program to enhance the neighborhoods in Detroit. Ford is providing $10 million dollars for this cause in an effort to build stronger communities, support education and summer job programs, fund youth recreation and summer camps, and build a community center. This program is being called Operation Brighter Future – Detroit.

The new Ford Resource and Engagement Center in Detroit in considered the main focus of this operation. A previously unused building in southwest Detroit is being renovated and will offer job and cultural training programs as well as several other community service programs. Ford is also funding several youth athletic and art programs to be made available at the Patton Recreation Center in Southwest Detroit.

This operation will also include donations to the Public Safety Foundation of two Ford F-Series that will be made into ambulances, funding for Detroit Youth Employment program that provides work experience and training for Detroit’s youth, and support to Greening Detroit by building new community parks.

“The Operation Brighter Future – Detroit initiative supports Ford’s work to build a better world,” said Ford Motor Company’s Chief Operating Officer, Mark Fields. “We are excited to contribute this $10 million investment toward services and support that will empower families and strengthen the community.”

Friendly Ford is pleased by the Ford Motor Company’s efforts to build stronger communities and improve the lives of America’s youth.

The Temperatures Are Getting Colder, The C-MAX is Getting Hotter

The 2013 Ford C-MAX, which launched in October, has been quite a hot seller. So much so that it earned itself the title of “fastest-selling hybrid ever.” In its first two months this red hot hybrid has sold 8,030 total units. That trumps the start of the Toyota Camry Hybrid which sold 7,300 units in its first two months when it first hit the road back in 2006.

Another impressive statistic is that Ford’s C-MAX Hybrid and C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid sold three times faster than both the Toyota Prius and Honda Insight combined when they launched in 2000. Ford’s electric vehicles sales in November actually turned out to be the best they’ve ever done and the great fuel efficiency that these hybrids offer is the reason why.

In addition to the huge sales numbers, the C-MAX hybrids have also been receiving extremely positive reviews from their owners. “Dealers are aware of this and are excited to take on the Prius” Group marketing manager, C.J. O’Donnell, said “Our customers also are excited to have a fresh hybrid option, with leading fuel economy that does not sacrifice driving fun, performance and technology – choices typically not offered with hybrids.”

At the end of the day fuel economy is the number one consideration that new car-buyers look for according to recent study by Moritz. During tough economic times, saving money at the pump is becoming much more a necessity. “C-MAX hybrids highlight Ford’s commitment to offer customers the power to choose leading fuel economy across our lineup”, says O’Donnell.

Come out to Friendly Ford today and ask about our 2013 C-MAX hybrids!

A Ford Finish: The Amazing Race

On Sunday, December 9, CBS aired the thrilling conclusion to the Amazing Race’s 21st season. The Amazing Race takes eleven teams of two on a race around the world. At the end of almost every leg of the race, one team is eliminated. Ford was ecstatic to sponsor the event, which exposed travelers to different cultures and customs all across the globe—including trips to countries like Bangladesh, China, Spain, and the Netherlands. Two Ford Escapes were even awarded to the lucky winners of the second to last leg of the race, James and Jaymes (Team Chippendale).

The prize Escapes weren’t the only Ford appearances; in fact, the whole race was powered by Ford. Every time the contestants had to drive themselves from one location to another, they did it in style with an all-new Ford. The Ford Escape was especially important during the race; one of the tasks featured in the finale episode forced contestants to implement the innovative hands-free lift gate feature that is unique to the industry. Racers had to figure out that they had to open the trunk using their feet since their hands were full of eight giant baskets. Then the contestants loaded the trunk up with the baskets, taking advantage of the large trunk space of the Escape as they continued their journey through France.

We at Friendly Ford have fallen in love with the Ford Escape and were very thrilled to see the contestants fall in love just as much as we did. Come down to Friendly Ford today and check out the all-new 2013 Ford Escape, and we guarantee you’ll fall in love too!