A New App for Ford at a “Glympse”

“Let me know when you’re there!” said every mother of the 21st century. Alerting people of your location is very common, whether it’s a worried mother or a clingy girlfriend or even everyone you’re friends with on Facebook. Whatever reason you have for sharing your location, Ford has just made it easier with a new app, which was announced just yesterday. Friendly Ford has the inside scoop.

The app is called Glympse, a company with which Ford is ecstatic to partner. Drivers can access the app via Ford’s Sync voice command. By using this app, drivers can alert someone via text, e-mail, Facebook, or Twitter where they are and where they are going—without hands! What’s even cooler about the Glympse app is that the person on the receiving end can use their phone or computer to track where the driver is at all times until they’ve reached their destination. So now those pesky moms can rest assured you’ve arrived at the mall safely.

In addition, Ford announced yesterday that Rhapsody, an on-demand music service, will now be available through Sync. To check out Sync and all the latest features, head down to Friendly Ford today!