Walking with Henry: Ford at the North American International Auto Show

Ford had quite an impressive display at the North American International Auto Show this year. It was jam packed with over 65 vehicles, as Ford was celebrating the 150th birthday of the legendary Henry Ford. To celebrate, Ford wanted to reveal its entire stellar lineup—everything from the F-Series trucks to the muscle car icon, the Mustang. In fact, it was essentially like stepping into the showroom here at Friendly Ford with every single new Ford innovation on display.

And who better to talk about Ford innovation than the original innovator—Henry Ford! The real Henry Ford wasn’t available, as you can imagine, so instead several actors who very closely resemble the automaker put on their Ford costumes and led tours around the showroom, taking fans around to meet the all-new vehicles and see just what Ford has been up to. During the tour, the actors provided a historical background for Henry, all while introducing the 2014 lineup.

We at Friendly Ford can’t wait to get all those new vehicles in. Now if only we could somehow get a Henry Ford lookalike to come show them off for us…

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