Ford Drives itself into the Future

Ever thought that we would see a car that drives itself? Technology is getting closer achieving that goal. Ford recently unveiled a self-driving Fusion to compete with other top automakers and Google who are all trying to perfect the self-driving vehicle.

Ford chose to turn the Fusion into a self-driver because the Fusions available on the market currently already feature several driver-assist technologies. The current Fusion has adaptive cruise control and a lane keeping system.

To turn the car into a self-driver, Ford included a forward camera, forward radar, ultrasonic sensors, omnidirectional camera, and added more GPS technologies. It also contains four scanning infrared light sensors (LiDAR) mounted on the roof that allows the self-driving Fusion to track objects surrounding the vehicle.

Currently, researchers are trying to mimic the complex environments that drivers go through on a normal basis. Raj Nair Ford’s group VP explains that “The key is sensor fusion and working through the algorithms.” Nair wants to get the Fusion reacting in real-world situations but in a safe and effective manner.

Although the science and technology of a self-driving vehicle seems very futuristic, we are excited to see where the automobile industry is headed. Could we be able to buy self-driving cars in the next 10 years? 20 years? Let us know what you think about self-driving vehicles in the comment section below!

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