Ford is Helping Those in the East Coast When it Matters Most

With Hurricane Sandy ravaging the East Coast and leaving many people without homes, power, and cars, the Ford Motor Company has stepped up and lent a helping hand in a major way.

For starters, Ford is donating $50,000 to the American Red Cross to help with the relief efforts in the areas of the East Coast that got hit hard this week by Hurricane Sandy. This contribution comes as no surprise, as Ford and the American Red Cross have been proud partners for over 30 years.

As for the victims themselves, Ford is also offering a $500 cash bonus off a new car purchase to anyone affected by the hurricane. Many cars have been damaged and some people have lost their cars altogether in the flooding and destruction. Ford is hoping this contribution will chip in to help these people at least start to get back on their feet.

If that doesn’t seem like enough, Ford Credit has a Disaster Relief Program that allows their customers to postpone their normal monthly payments by a month or two, to give these victims a chance to get back to some sort of normalcy. This will be a huge help to those living paycheck to paycheck.

At Friendly Ford, our thoughts are with all those who were devastated on the East Coast this week and we certainly wish them the best in their recovery efforts.

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