How Far Will You Go for the All-New C-MAX Energi?

Ford is at it again, breaking records and saving you time and money with the all-new—hang in there, it’s a mouthful—108-MPGe C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid. This daring plug-in hybrid achieved an EPA-certified 620 mile driving range. Think of all the places you could go without have to stop at the pump to fill up your tank and empty your wallet. You could make it from New York to Detroit without stopping, or L.A. to Phoenix, or Chicago to Memphis, or even Orlando to Birmingham.

How is this possible? The C-MAX Energi does this by using a combination of the power stored in the vehicle’s superior lithium-ion battery and just one tank of gasoline, meaning you can go further longer. The Toyota Prius plug-in and the Chevy Volt simply do not—and cannot—compare to the C-MAX Energi. The Prius comes 80 miles short with a 540 mile range, and the Volt achieves even less with only 380 miles.

Even in pure electric mode, there is nothing that compares to the C-MAX Energi. It can get up to 21 miles just on electric power, which is more than is generally necessary to get to work and back, or to run to the grocery, or to take the kids to school, meaning drivers can do their daily commutes without spending a cent on gas. On the other hand, the Prius plug-in only gets 6 miles on all electric. That is not even a third of the range of the C-MAX Energi!

The C-MAX Energi does not, however, sacrifice quality for quantity. Believe it or not, this tiny yet powerful vehicle gets 195 hp (60 more than the Prius plug-in hybrid). And equipped with the latest in technology, such as the new hands-free lift gate and active park assist, the C-MAX Energi is the way to go.

Head down to Friendly Ford today and check out the all-new 2013 C-MAX Energi plug-in hybrid!

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