New 2014 C-Max Offers More Bang for the Buck

When the 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid came on to the stage late last year, it was a huge hit as Ford enjoyed several of their best hybrid sales months ever. Ford recently announced that their new 2014 version of the C-Max will offer even more value and improved fuel-efficiency, which seems a little difficult to achieve.

The new C-Max will feature an upgraded transmission and enhanced aerodynamics to build off its already impressive fuel economy numbers. The gearing changes is said to result in a more efficient transmission drive ratio.

Ford is also changing its approach to the C-Max Hybrid labeling going forward to achieve better customer satisfaction.  The auto company will continue to use EPA’s General Label rules but will also use separate testing. The results may be a lower miles-per-gallon label but will pay less because of the difference in advertised EPA estimates, which is still class-leading.

“Ford is absolutely committed to being a leader in the hybrid market and to top fuel efficiency across our lineup,” said Raj Nair, group vice president, global product development. “We are taking actions with our popular C-MAX Hybrid so that customers are even more satisfied with the vehicle’s on-road fuel efficiency performance.”

Friendly Ford loves everything the 2013 C-Max Hybrid brings to the table and looks forward to the release of the 2014 edition this December.

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