Ford: The Allergy Combatant

Spring is wonderful time of year. The weather starts to warm, the sun is out longer, the flowers begin to bloom, and it’s stepping stone to get to the summer. However, if you’re an allergy sufferer, things aren’t so fine and dandy during this season. Actually, over half of all Americans do suffer from allergies.That’s why Ford is doing its part to combat allergies in some of their newer models.

Newer models such as the 2013 Ford Fusion can help fight airborne allergens and monitor travel areas for other allergy irritants. Engineers went as far as to test over 100 different materials of Ford models in an effort to minimize the pieces that most commonly contribute to allergies. Some of the main materials that cause the most problems are nickel, hexavalent chromium, and natural latex.

Ford tested areas in some of the most highly-touched places in the vehicles such as the steering wheel, door handle, seats, etc. They also installed cabin air filters to help shield airborne allergens, such as fungus, dust, and pollen from entering the car.

“Allergies affect large numbers of people, so anything we can do to reduce potential allergens inside Ford vehicles we do through rigorous, controlled testing,” said Linda Schmalz, supervisor of Core Material Engineering for Ford.

Friendly Ford is ready for the spring season to get here and loves the direction Ford is headed with their new allergy tested vehicles.

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